Stevy Golden

Hi, my name is Stevy Golden and I'm 23 and live in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. I was diagnosed on May 10th of 2008 with necrotizing fasciitis. When I was admitted to St. Boniface hospital I was brought by ambulance with I don't even have words to explain the pain i was in. It was bad that is all I sort of remember I've blocked it out really now. I was in the emergency ward waited about 3 hours till a doctor saw me. They doctors and nurses were baffled at what was happening to me. As I have now been learning more about this infection I now know how un-common it is and how it is really not seen in Winnipeg our small city. When I was waiting the doctors helping me called in a plastic surgeon. She than rushed me straight to surgery at 2:30 in the morning. I was pretty drugged at that point but my friends informed me of all what went on. When I woke up after surgery I was so scared. I thought I did not have my arm anymore. It was a very terrifying feeling. As it was so numb and cut up that it felt like nothing was there. But when I finally got the nerve to look I still had my arm. It was a miracle in a way to me I think. I've had a pretty crappy past couple of years. In 2005 my father past suddenly of a heart attack in our home. We lived together after my mother and father separated 3 months prior to his passing. I then went into depression pretty hard after that. He was my family and I was not being good to myself after he left. I was mixed up into drugs and drinking. I could not hold a job for more than a month. I lost touch with my family. I was a mess. When i finally pulled myself together by 2007. I joined AA and a addiction group and found a job by 23 things were going well for me finally I was working and staying clean without drugs or alcohol. I was making better friends and started to get back in touch with my family. My sister I am afraid we are still on no talking terms but we will get through it one day. But finally when things were getting better this happed. I had a nasty habit of self-mutilation for about a year and some. when I did this I had 3 vertical scars scars on my left wrist. Which were infected for over a year but my doctor at the time said it would be fine and to leave alone. Then I got a new cat one day and he liked to fight and he scratched me in the wrist where I already had those old scars. After about a week they were looking nasty and it was spreading all up my arm and then one night the pain was so incredible i had to call 911 and that's were the story began in the first paragraph. I am still dealing with everything but have movement in my fingers again and a pretty cool looking scar LOL. Its a great conversation starter at meetings I must say =) But When I saw this site I really wanted to share my story. I don't know if it will help anyone going through NF. As it is terrifying and painful but I am getting through it and still keep a positive attitude and I am just getting stronger everyday and now am trying my hardest to love life and to live it to the fullest. I hope that this story helps someone that is either going through what I did or even a friend or family member that had a loved one going through FS. Even if they try to push you away do know they do not mean it, they are just scared and even if you just call them and see them for even a hour a week it does matter as it does help. Thank you for reading and hearing my story and to all the survivors keep on fighting and keep on living =)