Patricia Hallenbeck

I suffered from necrotizing faciitis. I started to get up to go to work and couldn't put any weight on my right leg. My oldest son was home for a visit from the army and he picked me up and carried me to the car! He drove me to Strong Hospital, here in Rochester, NY. A brilliant young surgeon worked on me. At first they thought for sure I would die and told my family to get the burial arrangements ready. They scrapped the flesh, etc away from the bone. I was put on total life support for weeks. I woke up not know what had happened. I was still in intensive care. I was blind in my left eye and tried telling people. I had some seizures with this, nerve endings along edge of tongue feel funny; the nerves down my legs into my feet hurt., feel like pins and needles hitting them all the time. When I was let out of the nursing home, my son had to take care of the wounds which were wide open. My thanks to him and of course the doctors.