Jack Woodford

On Friday December 1, 2006, when I left my home at 5:30 am I felt fine. While I was traveling to work I started feeling ill. When I arrived at work at about 6:30 am I felt horrible with flu like symptoms. I felt feverish with the chills and every moment I felt weaker and weaker. I felt so bad that it was difficult to breathe. I took the day off of work and went home. I am a Christian with a strong Faith in Jesus Christ. God told me to call my Doctor's office. On my way home I called my Doctors office for an appointment. I was unable to get an appointment for that day but I was able to get an appointment for first thing the next morning. Normally when I get the flu I just go to bed and take lots of fluids and I do not bother going to the Doctor but the onset this time came so fast that it scared me. My Doctors office has about 20 different Doctors there and God was continuing to work for me. The Doctor that I saw that day was an Infectious Disease specialist that I had never seen. He diagnosed my problem immediately. He told me that I had a Strep related skin infection called "Necrotizing Fasciitis". The area of my body that was affected is my right ankle. My ankle was a very dark red and very hot to the touch. My ankle was giving me more pain than the rest of my body was. I did not have any cuts or injuries in the area but due to prescription antihistamines that I take for allergies I have very dry skin that cracks. When the Doctor diagnosed my problem on December 2, 2006 he advised me that normally someone in my condition is hospitalized and given intravenous antibiotics. He did not put me in the hospital. He gave me very high doses of oral antibiotics and sent me home. I am 6'-10" tall and I am over 300 pounds. Most Doctors do not compensate for my body mass but this Doctor did. He had me taking 1000mg of Cephalexin 4 times a day. A few days after the onset my right leg was red from my ankle to my knee. The area had swollen to twice its normal size. After 2 weeks of this antibiotic on December 20, 2006 the Doctor had a PICC line installed in my arm where I received intravenous antibiotics for 2 weeks. A few days after I started the intravenous antibiotic there was noticeable improvement. The Doctor removed the PICC Line and put me back on the Cephalexin after the 2 weeks of intravenous antibiotics was completed. On January 8, 2007 I was well enough to go back to work. After 4-1/2 months of taking antibiotics I took my last dose April 11, 2007. My Doctor advised me that my chances of having a reoccurrence is 25%. He also advised me that the 25% is a real number. He gave me a refill of the Cephalexin and advised me to keep it handy. He told me that if I have the same symptoms again to start taking it immediately and to contact him right away. I have read several of the survivor stories that is on your website. I read where most of the survivors had some surgical procedures done. The only surgical procedure that I had during my treatment was the installation of the PICC line. I realize that I am extremely fortunate that God led me to get immediate Medical attention and that I received an immediate and correct diagnosis and treatment.