Kathy Graves

I am wanted to write my story and see if you wanted to post it but it involves so much more than my having this terrible disease. While I was in the hospital, my husband (he fly home to Texas leaving me in the parking lot of the hospital in Boston) cut me off from our bank account, has filed for divorce, and so many other bad hurtful actions that I cannot list them or bore you with them now. It is a long story. I am so very thankful to your site. When I finally was able to get to my parents house (my husband would not let me come home) and get on the computer to review this disease, I had to get down on my knees and thank God for saving my life and giving me such a small dose of NF compared to others that have written in to your site. Anytime that I become depressed over what has happened, I read some of the postings of patients and/or their families that have been through so much more than I had to endure (and, I thought what I had was very, very bad). Please add me to your site so that anyone that may have the same type issues would have someone to contact. I became ill in Vermont while on a mini vacation with my husband. I was treated at Mass Gen in Boston. What a wonderful, wonderful facility! I live in southern Texas. I developed NF in my lower left leg and upper left thigh with skin grafts from the upper right leg. I am still waiting to have final plastic surgery on the lower left leg as they had to cut out most of the tissue. I do not have many pictures but will try to get what my daughter did manage to take while she was there with me.