Debbie Rodriguez

I too, am a survivor of this horrible disease! It will be one year this Thanksgiving that I was hospitalized for this. I contacted the virus in my thigh, as a result much of my fatty tissue had to be removed. The weakness, antibiotics, intensive care, organs shutting down, therapy, hours of bandage changes and four months of hospital stay. I am a miracle according to doctors! Life has taken a different twist and a slower speed. This survivor has been a long time re-cooping not only physically but, mentally. There are many times that I feel so much loss and anguish. I know that I should be thankful for my life yet something inside me angers me. I ask myself, why did the health care professionals not detect the virus sooner? They say that this disease is rare.....then why do so many people have knowledge of it as being known as the flesh eating disease? Why did it not show in urine or blood tests? My family tells me that it was quite some time before that they told them that it was a Strep A virus.