Becky Sherlock

I am a 51 year old woman who is very active backpacking and participating in triathlons. At the beginning of September 2009 I went on a backpacking trip in Wyoming, which was very stenuous. I began having pain in my left foot and went to my foot surgeon. He said that the pins from a prior surgery had become dislodged and he needed to do surgery to take them out. So on October 2nd I had that surgery. I am a very healthy active person and thought I could recover my way and not the physicians way. I started walking on the foot too soon after the stitches where taken out and I did not take my antibiotics as I had a stomach virus. A week after the stitches were removed I started having intense pain in the foot, I felt like I was so tired I could not get one foot in front of the other and I was running a fever. I returned to my physician and rushed for emergency surgery for cleaning out the wound. The next day in my hospital room the physician took off the dressing to find the skin on the top of my foot having black circles. Once again I was rushed to surgery this time for necrotizing faciitis. The infection was dangerously close to the bone and my physician was worried he would have to amputate. Thank goodness he was able to save the foot. I spent 8 days in the hospital as I read these stories I am realizing how lucky I was not only do I still have the foot but I have my life. I go back to the hospital for my second skin graft this Friday. There can be up to eight grafts before all is said and done but my physician that is the worse case scenerio. I want to thank my boyfriend Kevin for helping me and especially my physician Dr. James Blaine.