Margaret Wyma

It began for me on the 7th of August. I worked in the yard that day in my garden and vegetable beds. That afternoon I went in and took a shower and then my son came and took me out to dinner and a movie. During the time in the movie my right side of the lower part of my buttocks started hurting. So my first thought was that I had a soar muscle from working in the yard that day. Sunday the 8th, I woke up and it was still soar but not quite that painful yet. As the day went on it got more painful, so that night I had my husband take me to the emergency room. Well I was seen and they took a urine sample and found I had some blood in my urine but nothing was said or done about that. In fact then nurse asked me why would I have blood in my urine. I have no idea - shouldn't she of found that out? I was sent over to urgent care and seen my a doctor there. I was never asked to remove my pants to be checked just spoken with and given a muscle relaxer and some Ibuprofen and sent on my way home and said I would be better in the morning. That night the pain just kept getting worse and the medicine made me very sick to my stomach. I remember getting up the next morning to go to the bathroom and my right leg gave out underneath me. Thought that was very odd. Returned back to bed and the pain just got worse. My husband and I returned to the doctors on the morning of August 9th, 2004, and again I wasn't examined, just given more pills for the nausea and another shot for the muscle pain and it was Demerol this time. Went home and called my husband from work around 1:00 that afternoon and told him he needed to get home right away. When he arrived home my tongue had swollen to the point I could hardly speak. He called the advice nurse and she told him to give me a Benadryl for the reaction I was having and stop all meds and check me in an hour if I wasn't any better to call back or take me in to emergency. John returned in an hour and I told him I needed to go the the hospital and he took the covers back and my right leg was solid blue. He helped me down the stairs and got me to the truck after having to stop and catch my breath a few times. We arrived at the hospital and at that time I had started going into septic shock. On the 10th of August I was in emergency and at that point they had no idea what was wrong with me. They took me into emergency surgery on the 11th of August for debridement and found out the infection was so bad in all the three compartments they needed to remove my right leg high above the thigh to save my life and at that time there was still no guarantee. I was in ICU for many weeks fighting for my life. I had the Wound Vac for a while and then had wet/dry packing of the wound area. Finally in September, I was able to go back into surgery and have my wound closed and skin grafts done. I was in the hospital from August 9th thru October 11, 2004 and was released two months ahead of time. Right now I'm being fitted with a prosthesis and hope to return to work by February 2005. Without my family, friends, and special prayers and an angel watching over me I wouldn't be here to share the holidays. Happy Holidays to All.