Beverly Cooper

I'm a survivor of NF. I contacted it August 2003, don't know how. I had a small pimple in the bend of my leg, and it started swelling. It got more painful all the time. I was in Louisville at a wake for a cousin. That night it bothered me all night long. By morning I was sick and as the day progressed it got worse. The next morning we came home. This was on a Friday and the doctors were gone home by this time. As the week-end passed I got more sick. On Monday I went to the doctor. He said I had a infection and put me on Ampicillin and pain pills and lanced the place, told me to come back every day. That went on all week. More pain and getting sicker all the time. On Sunday night I was in a semi-coma, my husband came home from work and took one look at my stomach and called the doctor right away he had to almost carry me to the truck to get me to the doctor. The doctor took one look and told me I needed surgery right away. They took me by ambulance to the hospital. Thank God I got doctors that knew what they were dealing with. The doctor did a wide debridement, he took out 27 lbs. of tissue from my stomach and all the tissue from my labia. He told my husband to call in all my family because he didn't think I would make it through the night. But I did, he had to do more surgery and it kept growing. He said to live I needed a hyperbaric chamber, but the hospital didn't have one they had a hard time finding one they finally found one in Louisville, because I was on life support. They air-vac me there . It took 3 trips to the chamber to save my life. I went in the hospital on August 18 and came home on September 18. But my wounds had to be dressed 3 times a day for 4 more months. They taught my husband to do them. Thank God for him and Dr. Mayo I am alive because of them and all the health care people. I'm still having some problems but they get better all the time.