Mike Duran

I have had two experiences with NF. On August 23, 2004, my sister Naomi Mendez- Gonzales died of NF at the age of 44. She was so full of life and fun loving. On Sunday, August 22, Naomi woke up to what she though were flu symptoms. She stayed in bed the entire day thinking she had the flu. On Monday, August 23, 2004, she was taken to the emergency room at about 1:30PM and was being tested by 2:30PM she was in surgery by 5:10PM she passed away from NF. When the doctor came to explain to the family what she had or died from, I though I was in the Twilight Zone!! That stuff only happens in the movies!! Our family really had a hard time with it. After my sister's death I did some research and found this web site. It helped me understand a little bit better and made me feel like our family was not alone. My husband, Mike, is into Taekwondo. In one of the sparring sessions he hit shins with his sparring partner. He really didn't think much of it, he iced it down and took Advil. A couple of day's later, January 14, 2005, he called me as he was getting off work to let me know his leg was hurting him really bad. I told him he needed to get to the doctor, being a typical man he really didn't want to. I insisted on him going. He arrived at the doctors at 12noon and waited for 3 hours to be seen, just to find out that they didn't know what was going on with him. Mike was refereed to the hospital we arrived at 5PM after running several test they still were not sure what was going on. At 1AM I was told he was going to be admitted so I went home, at 2:30AM I received a call saying my husband was being taken to surgery at 3AM. When the doctor told me he had NF I was stunned!!! Since then he has went through 3 surgeries. I just couldn't believe it happened to my family twice. As of today Mike's recovery is looking a little brighter. I was told Mike's recovery will take about 3 to 4 months. All I can do is pray that all goes well.