Brian Hill

Hi, I read some of the accounts on your site with great interest and shock at the misdiagnosis and the consequences of delayed treatment. I am a survivor of NF, but I feel my story is nothing compared to those I read on your website. I seem to have gotten away very lightly indeed. I was staying with friends for a weekend, in Cootamundra NSW Australia who had given me sheets and blankets which had been in storage, a known and favourite habitat for White Tail Spiders. The first morning of my stay I woke with a blister on my calf about the size of a golf ball very red and inflamed and I had Flu like symptoms. At the time the White Tail Spider venom was thought to be a necrotising agent. This has been debunked in recent years with the blame once again being placed on bacteria. When I returned home to Sydney I saw my doctor, I thought I had burned myself on a hot water bottle and was concerned at the way the wound was spreading. My Doctor recognised my symptoms and had suspicions that I had been bitten by a White Tail Spider and that NF was the problem. My doctor immediately put me on a combination of very powerful antibiotics and removed the dead and corrupt flesh from the wound and showed me how to keep it clean. The drugs stopped the infection and I was left with an ulcer like hole in my leg which was about 5cm across and 2 cm deep I had to tend to it for several weeks before it started to heal it took nearly 3 years for the swelling to go and another 5 years for the wound to grow a layer of skin that was not tissue thin and susceptible to tearing. Nowadays I have a very minor physical scar and a great respect for, and wariness of any biting insects. If you require more information, or if I can be of any further assistance to you, please feel free to contact me. Regards, Brian Hill Goulburn Post Rural Press - Fairfax Media 199 Auburn Street (PO Box 152) Goulburn NSW 2580