Nancy Melchor

Hello. My name is Nancy Melchor and I am a survivor of this terrible disease. I had to medically retire because of how it has affected me. I contracted this disease after the Dr. who scoped my stomach cut the inside of my trachea and brought the contents/fluids from my stomach back up and into the wound in my trachea. Shortly after this procedure, I returned to work and when I started feeling bad I decided to go to the clinic. When they called me to the front desk I went into cardiac arrest and died. They resuscitated me and transported me to the hospital where I fell into a coma and had to be on a ventilator. In total I spent over 6 months in the hospital most of which was on that ventilator and in a hospital bed. I have short term memory loss as a reminder of my bout with this disease and the consequences of a lack of oxygen. But, I am improving though. As I understand it, it does have quite a fatality rate. In closing, I wanted to say I appreciate being able to visit this site and to be able to read the postings of the people who have survived this horrible disease and to be able to get much needed information on this disease.