Alyshia Shimizu, 5-year-old daughter of Honolulu Police Officer, Anthony Shimizu, recently contracted the virulent flesh-eating bacterial infection Necrotizing Fascitis after a fall at her home. This infection eats away at skin and underlying tissue at a rate of one inch every thirty minutes. The infection spread to cover over one-third of her body and she had begun hemorrhage and she had to undergo several operations before doctors announced they believed the infection had been arrested. She is in a clinically-induced coma to reduce her pain and suffering. She was transferred by private jet on Wednseday to Shriners Hospital in Sacramento, California and her mother, Annette Shimizu, went with her.

Send your aloha to Alyshia and her family at:


Update 8-11-00 Alyshia left Shriners hospital for her return journey today at 11:30am. This remarkable little girl walked out of the hospital into the waiting van of a special agent for the Dept. of Justice. She will be driven directly to San Francisco Airport. The original plans to fly from Sacramento were scraped due to possible delays and to insure the connection with United Flight 59 would be made.

Should there be delays in San Francisco, arrangements have been made with United Airlines and Airport Security to make Alyshia as comfortable as possible until continuing on to Honolulu. She is scheduled to arrive in Honolulu at 5:09pm.

Although as late as 3am this morning when Alyshia was seen by physicians for an ongoing stomach flu she was happy and feeling better when she departed Sacramento. She is anxious to see her dad and family. CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES OF ALYSHIA'S HOMECOMING

HONOLULU, HI ­ Update 8-7-00
Alyshia Shimizu returning to Oíahu Friday, August 11, 2000
We are most pleased to inform all of our media friends who have given us so much wonderful support during this time our full appreciation and thanks. Through you we have been able to keep the wonderful, caring residents of our island informed about Alyshiaís condition and her progress, resulting in her being the beneficiary of their prayers and kind thoughts.

Alyshia and her mother are coming into the Honolulu International Airport at 5:03PM local time Friday, August 11, on United Airlines flight #59. Her father, Honolulu Police Officer Tony Shimizu, and family members along with Executive Board members of the Honolulu Shriners Association will be there to welcome our little keiki back to her Ohana. Considering the potential for problems their flight plan could encounter because of the current pilot strike, the Shriners will be coordinating the progress of the flight with local officials of United Airlines. If there is any deviation from the anticipated arrival time we will notify the individual you designate for us to relay such information to.

The Shriners of Honolulu will be covering the costs of Alyshiaís continued rehabilitative care. They arranged for Alyshia and Annetteís (Alyshiaís mom) tickets back to Oíahu as well.

The Shriners of Honolulu will be hosting a Keiki Festival this Saturday beginning at 9AM and Alyshia and her family are expected to be there around 11AM.

ï Free Pony rides and Petting zoo!

ï Free Games & Activities for kids!

ï Free Hot Dogs & Shave Ice!

ï Free Entertainment including Henry Kapono and RONALD MCDONALD! ! !

7-25-00 UPDATE ON ALYSHIA SHIMIZU Little Alyshia Shimizu again underwent skin graft surgery today at the Shriner's Hospital in Sacramento California. Her physicians continue in their struggle to replace 33% of her skin's surface lost to the debilitating, skin-eating infection she contracted in June following a fall where she cut her knee in the garage of her Wahiawa home. Doctors removed more skin from her back to replace the previous skin grafts to her legs which did not take. Her father, Tony Shimizu, said the surgeons feel she came through this operation well and are hopeful that this second graft attempt will succeed where the previous one did not. Doctors expect to keep her sedated the next few days because of the increased pain expected from today's surgery.
Alyshia reading some email.

Alyshia was moved from ICU last Friday, where she had been located since her arrival at the care center June 28, 2000 by Lear Jet. She is now in a 2-bed ward and began physical therapy this past week in an attempt to keep her weakened and damaged muscles and skin from atrophying. The work is extremely hard and tears are shed throughout the daily therapy sessions. Alyshia has progressed from being held when trying to walk to slowly and laboriously push a child's walker. It is much less painful, as she doesn't have to endure pressure of someone's hands upon her little body. Alyshia's upper body is beginning to show signs of healing. However, the lower, more devastated portion of her body is healing at a much slower rate, but healing nonetheless. Alyshia continues to grapple with severe pain and is being taught breathing exercises to help her deal with the intense discomfort.

She is thrilled to have her father, Tony Shimizu, a Honolulu Police Officer by her side again. Tony was able to fly to California, courtesy of Quality Travel of Honolulu, when his parents arrived from Guam to care for Alyshia's four siblings. Since his arrival, Tony has assisted in changing her dressings twice a day and helping her with physical therapy. For the most recent updates, photos and fundraising activities check out Alyshia's website at: 

7-19-00 Update on Alyshia's Condition - The hospital staff has Alyshia up and walking with assistance now and she is undergoing extensive physical therapy in an attempt to keep her muscle tissue from atrophying due to unuse. Despite the intense pain and discomfort, little Alyshia is bravely struggling through her tears to make forward progress towards recovery.

Alyshia Shimizu, awoke in the Shriners Hospital of Sacramento, California from the chemically induced coma she has been in since contracting the flesh-eating bacterial disease. 

Her mother, O'ahu resident Annette Shimizu, states that Alyshia is awake and very feisty. She recognizes her mother and is definitely making her desires known. 

Alyshia underwent several skin grafts a week ago and while the success has been mixed, the doctors at Shriners are pleased with the current progress this little girl has been making. 

The father, Honolulu Police Officer Tony Shimizu, remains behind on O'ahu to care for Alyshia's four siblings remaining in Hawaii. The family misses Alyshia. Hearing the voices of her father and brothers and sisters was instrumental in helping her from her chemically induced coma. Local law enforcement communities within the Sacramento area are working to secure a lap top computer so that Mrs. Shimizu can communicate via email with her husband, children relatives and friends in Hawaii. 

The family has found great comfort from the emails of support they have received from around the globe. Phone cards and all donations to assist the family through this challenging time are greatly appreciated. 

Anyone wishing to send their messages of support and prayer to little 5-year-old Alyshia and her family can connect via a hyperlink to her email from her web site page which was created for her and her family by the Hawaii Newspaper Agency.

For more information contact:
Nancy Woods
8181 Folsom Blvd. Suite 135
Sacramento, CA 95826
916-383-5085 (Phone)
775-542-1452 (Fax) 

To submit fundraiser function information for Alyshia's Page contact:
DeLara Julian

The organization OHANA OF OAHU, led by DeLara Julian, has been at the forefront of organizing activities to raise money for Alyshia's care. The family's insurance policy through the Police Department totalled $250,000. Alyshia's intensive care has already used up the entirety of that policy during the first month of her hospitalization. Doctors are anticipating several more months of skin grafts and care prior to Alyshia's being well enough to return to O'ahu for further treatment. The money that can be raised is of vital importance for Alyshia's care. Annette, her mother, has been by her side in California ever since her Alyshia was sent to the Shriner's Hospital in Sacramento. Tony, her father, has been on O'ahu caring for Alyshia's four siblings and working at his job in the Police Department.

Tickets will be for sale this Sunday beginning with the 6AM Mass at the Star of the Sea Church at 4469 Malia Street, Aina Haina, Hawaii. They will have tables set up at the following shopping malls on the following dates for ticket sales:
Shopping Mall Dates for Ticket Sales
Ala Moana Shopping Center Fri/Sat/Sun Aug 18,19,29 10AM-4PM

More dates of additional activities will be coming up so check her page weekly for updates. Tickets for the Koala Moa chickens are $7.50 each. Make checks or money orders payable to "Friends of Alyshia Shimizu". Contact DeLara Julian at 525-5531 or to purchase tickets or for more information. Donations can be made out to "Friends of Alyshia Shimizu" and deposited at any First Hawaiian Bank location or the Honolulu Police Federal Credit Union.

Send notice of your fundraiser to: and it will be posted on a future update of Alyshia's Page.

NEXTEL has provided cell phones for the duration of Alyshia's illness to her parents, Annette and Tony, with unlimited air time, both local and national. Ken Furukawa, Marketing Manager for NEXTEL says they wish to extend the traditional Aloha support to one of the youngest of O'ahu's "Ohana", or family.

Quality Travel gave a free trip to California to Tony so that he can go see Alyshia soon without depleting the family's funds. 

Contributions for Alyshia can be made at all branches of First Hawaiian Bank or sent to the Honolulu Police Federal Credit Union at 1537 Young St., Honolulu, HI 96826. Checks can be made out to Friends of Alyshia Shimizu. 
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