Amy Meldey

My name is Amy Medley and I am 21 years old. On June 22, 2006, I delivered my little girl by vaginal delivery. We stayed in the hospital for two days and then went home to start our new live has family on June 24, 2006. I was hurting pretty bad and it felt like the stitches were reaping, but did not think any thing about it because I had to have a lot of stitches after delivery. I thought know BIG deal every woman as been through labor then stitches and came through it fine and I thought that I would to. All during that night as we got up with my little girl I could tell that the pain was getting worse but again did not think anything about it, maybe it was from me just getting up out of bed so much. The next today I started to swell and just not have much energy my Husband and Mother said that I just needed to try and get up and walk a little bit to try to work out the soreness, but I was in a lot of pain. We said that if I woke up in the morning again just real sore that we would call the Doctor and see about going in. Monday June 26, 2006 I wake up and was measurable could hardly walk and was extremely swollen we knew that something was not right but never did we think that it was Necrotizing Fasciitis. We went to the doters office and my doctor saw me coming down the hall way in the will chair and knew some thing was wrong so that day began two months of misery for my family. Once they got in to a room the nurse checked me and said that she knew there was infection in my vaginal area. So for two day I stayed at Providence Hospital under antibiotics and pain medication. Then they found out that I had NF in my vaginal area and was having congestive heart fellour and my lungs were becoming weak. So they took my daughter only 4 days old to make sure that she did not have anything because of me breast feeding and she did not thank God, she was only dehydrated. They transport me to Springhill Hospital to undergo the Hyperbaric Chamber to try to smother out the infection and begin to scrap out the infection. I would undergo surgery once a day for them to scrape out the die tissue, then the began to see that the infection was not stopping that it was traveling up, so they had to cut my belly and go it to see were it was going. They found that the infection was in my Appendices and Gallbladder so they removed them and said that I would start doing Hyperbarics to make sure that the infection was completely gone during all this time I was under medically induced coma, oxygen and feeding tube. After three weeks of being in a coma and still undergoing surgery once a day they told my family that they were going to start winging me from the medications. The next day my Mom and husband came in and I was as yellow as a yellow crayon and my belly was beginning to swell. They started running test and I was losing blood but they did not know from were and the Doctor that did my surgery had went on vacation and there was know one else that could do surgery to find out what was going on. So the nurses and doctors told my family that they were looking for a hospital that would that me. They called UAB in Birmingham, Alabama but that said that I did not met the requirements to come there them they called Ochsner in New Orleans, Louisiana and they said that they would take but they were waiting for a bed to come available. Just to let you know that there is power in prayer my family came together and started to pray in the waiting room and fifteen minutes after they were done praying the nurse came and said that they had a room. The nurse also said that it was a big possibility that I would not make it through the night because my kidneys started shutting down, but God had other plans. I made it to Ochsner in 3 hours and was in surgery within half an hour. The doctor told my family that they had maybe 30 minutes to stop the bleeding or I was going to bleed to death. Well, to God be the glory I am still here. Through it all I had around 35 units of blood and they found a hematoma on my liver and found that my liver had been nicked when they took out my Appendices and Gallbladder which caused me to start bleeding internally. After a month and a half of being in the hospital they began to wing me from the medications and started teaching me how to walk again. I was still on a breathing tube I actually had a trake which is a hole in you neck with a breathing tube in there, because the regular way in your throat can only be in for so long. A week later started winging from the breathing two weeks after that I was off the breathing tube. They took the track and feeding tube out started introducing me to food and water for the first time two months. They said as long as I am eating well and starting to regain my walking skills then they would let me movie to a different floor and step down from the ICU and three days after that I went to TCU then 4 days after being in TCU they said I was ready to go home on August 23, 2006. Still being at home I had to go thru Physical Therapy and wound care for about 2 months and know I am doing great I am released from all the doctors and starting to raise my daughter again with my husband. The Doctors said that I will be able to have kids because the infection did not interfere with my female organs. But we have decided that we are happy with the beautiful daughter that God has blessed us with and other children may come in the far future. There is nothing to big that God can't handle and he as called The Medical teams all around the World to help save peoples lives.