Mary Shoemaker

I started with what I thought was the worst case of flu I had ever had. I had two spots that were very hot and sore on my thigh. In a matter of two days, I could not get up without help. I went to the emergency room, where they diagnosed me with the flesh eating bacteria. I had 5 surgeries in 12 days. After that I was finally moved out of ICU. I had one more surgery for skin grafts. After 34 days, I was finally released from the hospital. I had another month of wound care after that. The first time I saw myself without bandages I cried. I cannot imagine letting anyone see how I look now. I just thank God I am still alive and have all my limbs. I wish no one would ever have to suffer with such an illness. I thank God there are doctors that can diagnose and save us from this. Some of the stories I read made me cry. I know how they felt. I feel so fortunate to be in the shape I am in. It could have been so much worse. I thank God I was able to come out in the shape I am in. If there is any way I could help others going through this I would surely do so. I don't understand why God makes us go through things like this. They say He gives you only what you can bear. I remember telling my husband I was giving up, that I could not endure anymore. He refused to let me give up and leave him. I thank God I am here now, but I don't think I could ever endure that again. I guess there is a reason God gave us this to endure, but I could never begin to understand the reason why.