Shad Griffin

My husband Shad was working at power plant as a welder. He came home one evening stating that he had fallen and bumped his left knee and that it was paining him. I gave him a pain killer feed him dinner and we went to bed. The next morning he left for work and I left with our 8 month old son to the hospital where he received chemo treatments for a brain tumor he was diagnosed with at 6 weeks. It was an inpatient treatment. I would be gone for about five days and our other two children were off to grandma's house. I called him several times that night and the next day. He didn't answer. At first I thought he had come home tired and got up at his normal 4 am and went to work. I finally got scared and called his mother to check on him. She told me that he had gone home early because he was running a fever and didn't feel good. This scared me because he never misses work; not even for a cold. His mother agreed to go check on him and called me to tell me he was in bed. His left knee was as big as a honeydew melon. He was rushed to the ER and the knee was lacerated. He was put on the strongest antibiotics. The next day our son was released from the hospital and mother came over to watch him so could check on Shad. We live a very small town and I had to travel 50 miles to the city for our son's treatments. Shad was admitted in our small community hospital. When I arrived at the hospital, I hadn't slept in about 48 hours and the doctors didn't know what he had. I stayed with him until visiting hours were over and headed home. I still couldn't sleep. It was 10 pm at night when the hospital called and stated they were transferring to the city for treatment. I hated that I couldn't be there for him but the baby was ill from chemo and our other two children were home. At 1 am in the morning I received a phone call from the doctors at the hospital where Shad was; they requested I come immediately. They didn't know how long he would live. My mother came over and Shad's mother, brother and I left for the hospital. Shad was not doing good. He was in septic shock. His kidneys were shutting down and he had had a heart attack. I had to sign surgery documents to possible amputate his leg. He had a flesh eating bacteria. I spoke with my husband for a mere minute and told him I loved him. He stated that he would be back on his feet or foot; he said jokingly; in no time at all. He came out of surgery and we were told that he wasn't out of the woods but that they got it all and without having to take the leg. Thank you God. I then signed papers to send him to the top military hospital in the city for specialists to be able to skin graph from his thigh to his ankle. My parents picked me up (the baby was dehydrated and had to have fluids at the children's hospital) and we went home. If it hadn't happened to us; I don't know if I would believe it because it didn't get better. The military hospital called that night to tell me he was going back into surgery for debri removement. It wasn't over. Every three days for the next two months, Shad had debree removement and then skin graphing. He was in the hospital for for three months. During this time he only remembers being there for a month. Into his third month; I was told our son's tumor had grown. There was nothing more they could do. Shad came home for three days to spend time with him before he passed on but he had to go back because the new graphs were not doing good. Our son passed away a mere two days later. Shad was released from the hospital the day before the funeral. We were told that he would have minimal use of his leg and would probably walk with a limp or cane for the rest of his life. Today Shad has completed all his physical therapy and has 110% mobility. He went back to work 5 months after being released from the hospital. He still has some areas that still need to cleaned and wrapped daily but it hasn't stopped him. To understand him is to know him; my husband is strong but most of all, he is really stubborn.