Herschel Miers

My name is Herschel Miers. On June 1, 2006, I had full reconstructive surgery of my left foot to correct the injury that ended my nine year career in the United States Marine Corps. The first day after surgery I was great no pain not a worry in the world. The next day it became uncomfortable, and by the 3rd of June I was screaming in pain I had to send my three sons to my sisters because they were scared and crying. I finally got in touch with my physician and he agreed to meet me at his office because it was a Saturday. He said it looks a little infected he took a pair of tweezers, removed some of the stitches, put in a wick to drain the fluid, and gave my some antibiotics and vicaden for pain and sent me home. By Tuesday the 6th I was in so much pain I was dazed and incoherent. The NF had started to break down the the nerve tissue. So it's off to the hospital. I was hospitalized for 12 days and had 7 debridement surgeries, I was told after I got out of the hospital that my kidneys had started to shut down and the fact that I had survived and kept my foot was a miracle. Then I was told that the circumstances that put me there were somewhat of a miracle in themselves. The bacteria that caused the NF has never caused it before ever I am the first case on record of NF being caused by the simples and least harm full bacteria in the world. The odds were 1 in 10 trillion, why cant I get that lucky on the lottery. Today is Tuesday July 24, 2006, I just had a soft tissue replacement a couple of weeks ago. I'm still stranded to a bed or a wheelchair and have to take IV antibiotics through a pic. The pain is as bad now as it ever was and nothing helps at all. I can only sleep if I'm more tired than in pain and that is just for a few hours. In less than 2 month I went from 230 lbs to 172 lbs and still losing. I have become anemic right now there isn't a light at the end of the tunnel with the pain and lack of sleep I get weaker by the day, but I will recover no matter what.