Rhonda Skelton

In January of 2002, I had what I thought was a boil in my pelvic area. After going to my gyno - he lanced it, no stitches, put me on antibiotics, told me to sit in hot baths, use hot packs, etc, sent me home and told me to come back in 3 days. I went back in 3 days and the look on his face scared me. He immediately admitted me to the hospital. I was sent for a scan and then taken to a room. The next thing I know a surgeon is there having me prepped for immediate surgery. The site has gotten bigger and is now infected down to my knee and has turned gangrene. After 2 surgeries and a 2 week stay I am sent home with a gaping wound about 10 inches in length and no telling how wide, antibiotics like crazy, part of my betrayed body no longer a part of me. With it being in my pelvic area all I could do was lay around for nearly 4 months waiting for the healing to finish. I was lucky, very lucky. The doctors have no idea how I contracted this and say I will probably never have something like this again. But once you have been through something life threatening like this you are always on edge. I am one of the lucky ones and survived. For those who didn't I say a prayer daily. I also pray no one has to go through something as devastating as this is and if they do it is caught in time. Never in my life had I come so close to Death. In the early part of my treatment at the hospital, I was visited by my Father, who at that time had been dead since December 2000 and my maternal Grandfather, who had been dead since 1971 - they kept me here on earth, there is still so much for me to do. I am 48 now, married, 4 grown children, 7 grandchildren, and find I do not take as much for granted as before. Thank you for this site and for letting me write this.