Dan Breakman

My name is Dan Breakman and I just returned home last night from Northridge Hospital (1/03/04). I just spent close to 2 1/2 weeks in the hospital for the flesh eating disease. I suffered the amputation of my left index finger. According to Dr. Meyers, who specializes in infectious diseases out of UCLA medical center, my case is the only one he has seen with a blue gray swelling of the index finger. It started a couple weeks ago. I work for a BMW dealership in California and was delivering a car to a customer. After putting in a 15 hour day, I went home exhausted and my left index finger turned blue gray and lost circulation in two hours. I coughed up blood and mucus along with nose bleeds. I was in such pain. The next day I finally ended up in Northridge Hospital in Northridge, CA and had surgery that night. The following night, I had my finger amputated. I also found out I was carrying the strep throat bacteria. I thought I had the flu. I didn't know. Run down immune system, strep throat, plus I had blood spots under my index finger. After two hours the blood spots expanded the size of a dime. I was advised that I am fortunate not to die or suffer greater losses. I want people to know not to run down their health and to get rest and if they suspect step throat to go get antibiotics. Any questions email me. Best Wishes, Dan