Edward Allen Brittingham

After reading the many stories of this disease and those fortunate enough to have survived, I am compelled to tell my story of surviving this deadly flesh eating bacteria necrotizing fasciitis. Back in December 18th, 2004, I noticed my left shoulder began to feel like I pulled a muscle. This was confusing to me as I could not recall any activity I had done to cause this. After one week my shoulder began to swell and I was concerned and asked the medical staff to be taken out to an outside hospital. I feel it important to tell the readers that I was on work release in Wilmington, Delaware. I was denied immediate medical attention at that time. After several days elapsed, I was told by the medical staff that I was faking my injury. On December 31st, 2004, my left leg began to swell which caused severe pain. My shoulder began to get a red inflammation and was very painful. By January 2, 2005, while on furlough, my fiance as well as myself noticed that both my left should and leg were swelled and had a red rash. The pain was unbearable and I could hardly walk. As soon as I got back to the work release center, I bypassed the medical staff and went directly to the duty office and explained my problem and requested to go to an outside hospital. After they saw my the swelling, I was taken to the hospital. I do not remember anything as I woke up 13 days later in the hospital. It was later learned that I had a flesh eating bacteria and debridements had to be down on my left shoulder and leg. On January 27th, 2005, I was released from the hospital. My fiance was there every day and gave me support and encouragement to get through this ordeal. I understand that by the grace of God I am alive today and that I did not loose any limbs. However, this has been a traumatizing experience. My left leg is still swelled, I was told by the doctors that there is fluid on my leg but I cannot help but think maybe this is a reoccurrence of the disease.