On October 2, 2002, I went in the hospital to have a lesion removed off of my intestine. Well I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and felt really bad. They sent me home even though I was still running a fever and have had a bowel movement since the Tuesday before by surgery. Well by that Sunday I really felt bad so I took something to make my bowels move. Well in about three hours, my 6 year old daughter came to me and said mama what is that smell? I got up and where my incision was 44 staples from the surgery was leaking a foul odor. My husband woke up and said we have got to go to the hospital. So we went. When we got there it was about 11:30pm on Sunday. And the drainage was really coming out. They took me back to the room and the odor filled the room. The doctor came in and did blood test and called the doctor that did the surgery and he said to admit me and start antibiotics and he would be in first thing in the morning. He finally came to see me about 1:00pm on Monday. Then he saw what it was and rushed me into surgery. The surgery lasted about 4 hours. The hospital I was in was a little hospital. So when I came out of the hospital I was transported to bigger hospital to where they could help me. I don't remember much more about what happen just what my husband has told me. But when I got to the other hospital they took me into surgery to make sure all the infection was gone. At this time the doctor put the mesh inside to hold my organs in. I was cut hipbone to hipbone and up to almost my breast. They doctors told my family to prepare for the worst. That most people with this do not survive. And that I may be on a vent and several different machines to keep my body going. But I was very lucky I had gain a lot of weight before I got NF and it didn't get any of my organs. Thank God. But I was still in the hospital for 20 days. Not knowing anything for about 14 of those days. They put me on the vac but when I went home my body didn't accept it so after 4 days I was back in the hospital for 2 more weeks. Since then my husband had been doing wet to dry dressing and it has been doing really good. But just 2 weeks ago March the 3rd, I had to go back into the hospital. The doctor thought that it had abscessed. But good news it's only the hernia. Which I have gotten since all of this. And the worst thing I think is my husband has been sent over seas for the war and I felt that my support system was gone. But then I knew the only one who kept me alive was there with me GOD.... Well I'm still doing wet to dry and it has almost closed. Now it's about time to start rehab. Then surgery to make it look like a stomach again. But I'm just thankful to be alive.