Bonita Brown

On the night of June 28, 2009, I had, what appeared to be, a splinter in the tip of my R little finger which I tried to remove. I saw a small, black "something" which I removed, and put peroxide on it. The next morning at 6:00 am I was awakened with the end of my little finger "throbbing" with every beat of my heart. I tried taking Aleeve to relieve the pain and went about my routine. My grandson and I were in a home improvement store about 30 miles from my home at 1:00 pm when I told him I was going to "pass out." I did tell him before I actually did pass out, to take me to the nearest Urgent Care, thinking I might be having a heart attack, even though there was no pain except in the end of my little finger. After three hours and no diagnosis, the paramedics were called and I was taken to the hospital. I was admitted but no one had any real answers. By that time the end of my finger was "black" and "pounding!" They started me on an intense program of antibiotics around the clock and after a couple of days, they discovered I had type A strep in my kidneys, and type B in my bloodstream. My kidneys pretty much shut down and my finger was still black and the infection seemed to be moving. My entire R arm was swollen, red, huge blisters, and the skin felt "leathery." After twelve days in the hospital on antibiotics, and another round through a pic line at home, and the amputation of one half of my R little finger, I seem to be "on the mend." I am still getting my strength back slowly, but I still don't know how I got the infections, or where.