Cathrine Horten

Hi my Name is Cathrine Horten, I go by Cathy. I live in Fremont, California and I am/was 47y/o. ( I had my 48th birthday in the hospital.) First of all I want to thank you for such a wonderful site and a place t go for support and information. It was kind of odd to me that I didn't check the internet asap when I was diagnosed with Necrotizing Fasciitis, as I always do when I hear some body or myself that has "something". I am sure it was because out of fear I did not look on the computer. I have been out of the hospital for almost a month now and have just recently in the past two days have felt strong enough mentally to actually look it up. I really took comfort in reading the survivor stories but I still don't want to look at the pictures. Well here is my story... I had a common elective out patient procedure and everything was going fine until the second day I started getting chills and fevers. On the third day I woke up and looked down at my breast and my right side was half gone like a rotten piece of fruit. It was all black and my areola looked as if was barley still attached. My left breast was also very painful and somewhat blackened and caved in. Ever since that moment I could not look down and look at the front of my body. My brother immediately took me to my Doctor's office. As soon as he saw me he told me to go up the street to the hospitals emergency room and he would be there quickly and he will have the hospital staff informed. That was on September 24, 2009. That was pretty much the last thing I remembered until about the middle of October, My family was always around me and had started putting up cards and pictures and cute drawings from the little little kids. By the grace of God my Nieces and Nephews and Son and Daughter in law are all in college for Medical classes and they were heaven sent, because of them I got through this. So I was told that the first two weeks I had about 4 surgeries to remove and repair, I was in the hospital for 43 days, I had a skin graph done on my leg to repair my breasts I also had the NF on both sides of my stomach kind of by my hip bones. I had the vac on my breast for about two weeks and on my stomach for about three weeks. Oh it was so painful. I had the Morphine drip the whole time and it didn't really seem like it was working. The pain was so bad I could barely think. It is true to me that the hardest part of this is the healing. Now that I'm home, (Well actually at my sisters, I didn't have anyone to help me change my bandages.) I have pain but worst of all I cry a lot. Before all this I was very healthy great shape and a very well balanced life. I had been taking care of my elderly parents. My favorite thing was to play with my Grandson and enjoy him to the fullest. I could still do cart wheels, I went to the gym almost every day, My Doctor says it's normal to feel depressed after major stuff like this but I want to be stronger then that and this NF still controls my life. It's barely been over two months since all of this has happened and my whole life has changed as I knew it. Thank you again for this site and thanks for reading my story I look forward to being a part of this group. it feels good to belong to something again, thanks sincerely, Cathy