Angie Monsour

My name is Angie Monsour. I had a small friction burn or pressure sore on the back of my upper left thigh that got infected with Necrotizing Fasciitis. It occurred on April 14th, 2011. I woke up that morning, and the back of my upper thigh was hurting severely. By the time I made it to my doctor's office, I could barely walk. I didn't know what was wrong. I just knew that I was in severe pain. My doctor immediately admitted me into the hospital. By that afternoon, the inside of my left leg was already turning black. I was under an induced coma for 4 days. There was at least 4 surgeries per day because the Necrotizing Fasciitis continued to eat the flesh going down my leg. I was given four different antibiotics because my doctors didn't know which ones were working. On the third day, my kidneys started shutting down. That's when my doctors told my family I was going to die. I had dialysis twice, and the doctors then wanted to amputate my left leg all the way to my hip. Another team of doctors fought against it. They believed they could save my life and my leg. I woke up on the fifth day, and there was a complete turn around. I still had my leg, and my kidneys were functioning again. Over 60 % of the flesh on the back of my left leg had to be removed. I was transferred to a nursing facility for rehabilitation after staying in the hospital for 2 months. I had a wound vac on my leg for another month while at the nursing facility. I went back to the hospital on July 5th for skin grafts. The skin was taken from the thigh on the front of my leg. I remained at the nursing facility until April 25th, 2012. I was able to go home after that. I received physical therapy while at the nursing facility to learn how to walk again. I also have inward drop foot. The Necrotizing Fasciitis stopped about three inches above my heal and affected the achilles tendon. I now use a walker to assist me in walking. I can use a cane some, but rely on the walker more. leg The doctors didn't know at first if I would ever be able to walk again. Not only am I using the walker, but I also survived when I was supposed to die. One of my friends took this picture right before Easter while I was still at the Nursing facility. I recently went for a checkup, and my doctor called me a "walking miracle". If anyone ever questioned me about God's existence, I would tell them that I'm living proof that God exists.