Brandy Moody

Hi, my name is Brandy Moody, I am a survivor of NF. I was living in Fort McMurray Canada. And working in the oil sands long hours and many days in a row. One day at work I pulled a muscle under my left arm, because of protocol and rules I was taken to the onsite medical centre they looked at my arm and immediately said to go to the hospital as I couldn't hardly move my arm any direction. Once there the doctor that saw didn't even look up from his note pad but put me on light duties for two weeks, while I was there I thought I would ask him about my nipple piercings because I had them for almost a year but weren't healing. So he ended up giving me 3 different prescriptions and sent me on my way. The next day at work because I was light duties I was left in someone's office all alone. Throughout the day I it felt like I was coming down with something, maybe the flu or a cold, I was having hot and cold flashes. I came to work the next day even though I was feeling very sick and I ended up leaving early cause I kept falling asleep on the desk I was sitting at. I called in the next 2 days because I was feeling worse and worse, my mom took me to the hospital a couple of times and the doctor barley looked up from his note pad again and just wrote another prescription and said to get rest. So the next day was my 25 birthday, my friend Amy came over I was the only one home I didn't have the energy to yell come in, I had to use everything near me to hold on to so I wouldn't fall over she finally tried door and came in and helped me back to the couch. At around 11pm I thought I had to go to the bathroom so I rolled on to the floor because I was too weak to lift myself up the floor was laminate so I thought I would be able to slide across it no problem but because of the pain I was in it was a lot harder than I thought it took me 30 min to get to the bottom of the stairs which was about 12ft, to get up the stairs was very difficult I was crying because of the pain I was in and because of the frustration of not being able to get up the stairs, it took me another two and a half hours to get to the top of the stairs by the time I reached the bathroom it took me another 20 min to get seated on the toilet and when I was there nothing came out. It was insanely frustrating; I just crawled to the couch then and stayed there. My mom was working night shift I think because I don't think she was there but my memory of that week is very fuzzy, but that day when she was there I was trying to say "its time to call an ambulance" I repeated it several times while she was on the phone to my sister, my sister also told her "just call an ambulance they have to admit her then" I guess my eyes were rolling into the back of my head so she called 911. When the Paramedics got there I was sort of awake and they were trying to ask me questions I must have blacked out because I don't know how they got me in the ambulance I remember being in the ambulance for a min they were talking about taking my shirt off I told them "jus cut it off" and the guy said "well you might want it back" so I replied "well if you need it off just cut it off it says f#@$g cheerio's" I don't know what they did and I don't have my shirt back so I'm guessing they cut it off. Once there I don't remember anything. After one day and dying they didn't know what was wrong with me so they flew me by helicopter to the University Hospital in Edmonton. Once I was there I was really lucky, there was a NF specialist from BC there and he recognized it immediately and I was rushed into surgery. The bacteria was moving at a rate of 6.5 cm per hour. Over the next two weeks they kept me in a drug induced coma, and told my family more than once go say your goodbyes. My mom never once said good bye she just kept telling me to keep fighting. They performed 15 different surgeries to make sure they got everything and before they let me wake completely. The first day I remember was june 13 I think and I was in ICU. My mom and her friend were there and it was weird I couldn't move because I had lost all my muscle in my legs and my arms just from being sedated for so long. The next couple weeks were dedicated to getting me out of bed and moving again which wasn't easy. The disease attacked under my left arm along my ribs and across the front of my chest. I had a feeding tube, multiple IVs, a trach and also vac thing. Once I started moving better and was sort of able to walk with help they moved me to surgery ward. Once there I worked really to get moving better and once I was moving with minimal help I went for skin grafting to cover the two holes I had, one under my left arm and one on my center to right side of my chest. After that surgery it was difficult and pain full to walk again, but dispite the pain I worked through it with the help of my sister and a very caring nurse that pushed me to getting out of bed. After a long two weeks I went home and recovered there. May 1st 09 I went for my first reconstructive surgery, they cut out a portion of the skin graft under my left arm and pulled the skin together so the scar is just a long line instead of a big round scar. Im waiting for my next surgery to fix my chest and as long as that surgery goes well I will have one more surgery which is breast augmentation. I have learned a lot by reading other stories and I hope everybody stays healthy.