Maria Hughes

I am 74 years old and I live in Phoenix, AZ. After reading the stories on your website, I realize I was very lucky. I came down with NF on June 15, 2005, I had a high temperature, was vomiting and was shacking badly. My son thought I was having some sort of seizure and he took me to the ER where the doctor failed to recognize the symptoms of septicemia, diagnosed me with a bad case of flu, sent me home with orders to stick to a clear liquids diet and take Tylenol for the next couple of days and I would be fine. But I got worse and worse until on June 18th I could no longer stand up or move. I was barely alive. My son called 911 and I was taken to the ER of the nearest hospital. I was lucky, Good Samaritan is a wonderful hospital and in no time they assembled a team of specialist to look after me. My heart was beating erratically, my kidneys function had almost stopped completely, I was only semi-conscious and the temperature was still high. And as far as doctors and nurses could tell, I had no blood pressure and my son was told I would probably die in a day or so. The only visible sign of NF was a nasty bruise on my right leg, I don't know how I got it. It was growing and swelling up and my leg was almost black. One surgeon was called in to take a look and it was then that the NF was finally diagnosed. After three surgical procedures to remove all the dead tissue and one skin graft, it was determined that I was free of NF. All I lost is my right calf. I am still recovering, learning to walk again but well on my way to full recovery.