Robin Stancombe

Hi, my name is Robin Stancombe, if from Torbay in the U.K. My story starts back in 2010 Valentine's day, I had experienced some problems with cellulitis over the previous six months to my right calf and shin leaving a rough grazed area that I thought nothing off. Me and my partner Kathy spent the day out in the garden doing all those jobs you put off but some time just have to do. It was a great day and we went to bed that night oblivious to what the next day would bring. I work as a building site manager so was up at six not feeling brilliant and noticed my leg felt hot around the graze, Kathy said she'd make me an appointment with the doctors for later so I set off to site which was 45 miles away. I don't know how I got there as during the drive I started to shake and shiver uncontrollably and I'm sure I passed out on more than one occasion. As soon as I got to site I phoned Kathy to come and pick me up we needed to see the doctor this morning. She got there and bundled me in the car , I passed out several times on the journey to the doctors . She got me in the surgery and put straight in the nurses room and the doctor came and ordered an ambulance code blue and took me to the hospital. I was not able to do anything but convulse and vomit in the ambulance, I was wheeled into the A&E where my vital signs were going downhill they pumped me with drugs and sent me for a scan telling Kathy and my family who were there now though I didn't know to have a coffee and they would see me after. On their return another doctor had come in and viewed the scan and diagnosed NF so they were preparing me for surgery and all I can remember is I signed the consent know that they could take my leg! After six hours in surgery and losing 80% of my calf muscle was transferred to ICU . It was touch and go over the next 60 hours with the staff telling my family three times to say their goodbyes. After a third surgery they brought me round thinking that all was well I was hallucinating as a result of the drugs and the sepsis. Then the next problem started I had developed a pulmonary adema and my lungs were collapsing I fought the oxygen mask so they put me in a medically educed coma and ventilated me, keeping me that way for four days while my body struggled to survive, I didn't help twice pulling the tracheotomy out causing major problems. Eventually they brought me round and I slowly started to recover they kept me in ICU for three weeks in total then transferred me to another hospital for plastics to do the skin grafts. In all I was off work for six months needing medical care at home on release for a couple of months . The scar in my leg is quite obvious and I am still self-conscious of it now, but I have a leg, I am alive. Things could have been so much worse, I was lucky that on the day in question everybody that was needed was on duty any delay would have changed the outcome considerably. So enjoy every day you have and be positive is what I take from the experience.