Carolyn Buckner

I contracted NF after having surgery on my leg. I came home and was back a week later knowing nothing. The vascular surgeon had to re-open my wound then my lymph nodes had to be remove under my stomach around the side on the right. I have a 66 inch scar on my stomach which I had to get a skin graft from the same leg. I stayed in the hospital two months then I decided to go home and mend with my own food. I have a good fiance who cared for me thru out the whole ordeal. He had to do wet-to-dry three times a day until I received a nurse and a personnel attendant. Pain was excruciating. I was on ultram four times a day. My leg still swells up from the vascular surgery but I am still here. I also have a mentally challenge son severely retarded who has a trach-neckbreather and he has seizures. So I fought the race because of him. Everyday God gives you breath you should do all that you can to make a good day. I now walk up two flights of stairs every day because I live in a town house. My walking is somewhat painful but I keep on going. I am very grateful I found someone I could relate too, because now that the crisis is over no one wants to talk about it. I have flashbacks which keeps me humble.