Emmett Hynes

I have four children, the youngest is Emmett, 4 years old. We went on vacation this april to the Dominican Republic. On the second night there, Emmett started complaining that his hand hurt. The following morning his hand was slightly swollen. We took him to the hospital and he spent 24 hours on an IV but his hand kept getting and looking (swollen) worse. My husband and I decided to get Emmett back to New Jersey for treatment. By the time I landed in the U.S (seven hours later) the infection had spread all the way up his arm. He had to have three hand surgeries and spent 12 days in the hospital, five in the ICU. We came so close to losing him, it is horrible to even think about. We are so lucky he seems to be fully recovering. He just needs physical therapy for his hand. we still don't know how he got it...many theories, coral, bug bite...I don't know I'm just glad we survived.