Nancy Stanziana

My wife of 24 years, Nancy, went into a Pittsburgh Hospital on October 3rd 2005 for a hysterectomy and the surgery went very well. But some seven hours post surgery she began the fight not only of her life, but for her life. Doctors and hospital officials are baffled on how my wife contracted the Flesh Eating Bacteria. The next three days she underwent five surgeries to cut away the affected tissue and flesh, she was then placed in a Trauma Burn Unit Intensive Care for some five days total. When it was finally apparent that the disease was stopped, she was placed in a another room for another five days and left cut wide open the entire time to ensure the disease was stopped. I was told that the area where my wife had contracted this terrible disease had a 75% fatality rate due to the organs being so close to the affected area. The final surgery was when plastic surgeons had to close her up as best as they could. The medical bills are at $100,000 and climbing. I have included the pictures I took while she was in the hospital and several at home.