Jenny Stubbs

I'm now aged 22 but on the 27th of December 2002, I was rushed to hospital after been sent away three times saying I was fine until finally being diagnosed with NF. Cause being given an anit-d injection given after the birth of my son. I was intubated, ventilated and also required inotropic support for ten days. The extent of the NF consists of my left buttock, hip and all the way to my toes. With a large percentage of flesh and muscle removed, the whole of my right leg was used as donor. To give an idea of the extent I had an open wound from my knee to above my hip which doctors could place both hands in my leg. Maybe in the future I will add photos but to this day I still struggle to come to terms with the disfigurement to my leg. To date December 3, 2005, I still have an open wound and am still coping with daily dressings.